Most posture exercise programs require 45 -60 minutes a week.

The BODY-ALINE requires just minutes per day - without a change of clothes or ounce of sweat!




    • Safe & effective for children (12 +), pregnant women & seniors.
    • Has fully adjustable tension to accomodate all strength levels.
    • Includes a User Guide & online instructional video
    • Adjusts to fit a wide range of shapes & sizes (4'9" & up).
    • Assembles in 15 minutes (no tools required)



"Considering the minimal amount of time that is now required to acheive good posture, thanks to the BODY-ALINE. The maintenance of proper spinal alignment has become one of the most cost & time-effective investments you'll ever make for overall health & appearance. Posture impacts some many things. From bone & joint health, to organ function & circulation, lung capacity, height, the way clothes fit and assures your most youthful appearance."

- Robert Gearhart Jr., RN (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)



Why BODY-ALINE is the Most Sensible Choice for Posture...




It's Safe & Effective.

The root cause of problem posture is muscular imbalance. Therefore, the ONLY way to permanently restore good posture is to restore proper balance to posture muscles. This is best done with highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises.

The BODY-ALINE combines four highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises into one simple motion to permanently reverse the muscular imbalance that causes poor posture. It utilizes your body's own natural processes to safely & effectively draw your spine back into proper alignment.

Of course, there are other posture solutions that incorporate stretching & strengthening exercises. However, NONE of these solutions combine them into ONE easy-to-do motion, as the BODY-ALINE does.



Posture Vests, Bras, Braces & Shirts are Just Temporary Fixes:

Popular posture correction products like vests, braces, girdles & shirts (shown below) may temporarily realign posture while being worn but, ultimately, don't exercise any postural muscles to permanently restore their balance. Therefore, they are just temporary solutions. Ironically, in the long-term, wearable posture supports can actually do more harm than good because they cause postural muscles to become weaker over time. This occurs because the extra support, provided by the taught fabric of these posture correctors, does the 'work' your posture muscles should be doing to keep you upright.



The problem with traditional posture braces is that they do the work for you. The passive nature of having one's shoulders pulled back serves to weaken the back muscles, which actually worsens one's posture over time, thus defeating the very purpose of using a posture correction brace.

- Matt Franklin, Developer of "Automatic Posture"


Ultimately, stretching & strengthening your postural muscles with the guided exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE is a far more sensible & permanent solution for correcting posture, compared to posture supports & garments. Plus, you'll NEVER have to sweat while wearing the BODY-ALINE over (or under) your best outfit. Here's how the BODY-ALINE stacks up against other types of popular posture correction products & methods:



Posture Reminders (Sensors):

Posture reminders are straps with electronic sensors that beep or vibrate when you slouch (pictured left). The effectiveness of these devices are, most often, limited only to when you wear them. With the BODY-ALINE you don't have to waer anything because your postural muscles are constantly realigning your spine - not an electronic gadget.



Posture Exercise Routines/Programs:

Instructional books & videos with floor, chair & doorway posture exercise routines can re-balance your postural muscles, but require lots of time, energy, instruction & motivation (usually 45-60 minutes/week).





Plus, Why Bother...

Getting on the floor & sweating through 10 minutes of back & posture exercises almost everyday, when a machine can guide you through them in a fraction of the time?



Just have a seat, lean back, rotate your arms and let the smooth easy motion of the BODY-ALINE guide you to a healthy back & good posture in just minutes/day - without you ever having to get on the floor, change clothes or even break a sweat.

After just 15-20 repetitions of the exercise movement, you'll stand-up taller & straighter for the rest of the day - and eventually the rest of your life.

Reclaiming your posture with targeted exercises is the best way to do it. Now, thanks to the BODY-ALINE, there has never been an easier faster way. No other exercise-based, posture corrective therapy is as effective, works as fast, or is more convenient. NONE.

10 more reasons to choose BODY-ALINE:


#1. It's Medically Approved.

The BODY-ALINE is prescribed by doctors & used by chiropractors & physical therapists worldwide to strengthen back muscles & realign posture for the treatment of back & neck pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis & osteoporosis.

In fact, health insurance companies routinely cover the cost of the BODY-ALINE treatment for patients when it's proctored inside a clinician's office. If health insurance companies are willing to pay for a treatment to help their customers, there's a good chance it works because they don't like throwing their money away.

#2. It's Truly One of a Kind.

The BODY-ALINE is the first exercise machine specifically designed to strengthen the back & realign the spine in one easy motion. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it. Period.



#3. We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is...

We're so confident the BODY-ALINE will work for you, we let you try it RISK-FREE for 30 days! Then, if you're not satisfied, we'll refund AND pay the return shipping. What more could you possibly ask for? No other company stands behind their posture solution like we do. We can because ours actually works.

#4. Now You Can Strengthen Your Back At Home, Instead of the Gym.

There's no need to drive to a gym to strengthen your back when the BODY-ALINE provides up to 200 lbs of resistance for the back extension part of the exercise movement. A strong back is integral for good posture, takes pressure off your spine & prevents injury.



#5. Starts Working the Very First Time You Use It.

The targeted exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE is so effective, you'll instantly stand-up taller/straighter & feel it working the very first time you use it - and every time after that. When you see & feel immediate results from a therapy & get instant gratification, you're more likely to stick with it.

#6. It's ULTRA Convenient.

Unlike the posture correction exercise routines offered in books, videos, and handouts, you won't ever have to get on the floor, change clothes or even break a sweat to realign your spine. Use the BODY-ALINE after a long drive, in the morning before work or while watching TV. There is simply never a bad time for good posture.




#7. Your FREE Gift!

Just for trying the BODY-ALINE, we'll give you our FREE E-book entitled "10 Back Saving Tips You've Never Heard Before". It will be e-mailed to you in downloadable PDF format immediately after you place your order. With this, you can get started on restoring your good posture right away while you wait for your BODY-ALINE to arrive. These aren't your neighbor's back & posture saving tips. Enjoy!

#8. The Whole Family Can Use It.

The BODY-ALINE is safe and effective for children ages 12 and up. One exercise machine will assure perfect posture for an entire family. Now that's value!





#9. The Soft Foam Back Roller.

The soft foam back roller travels along your spine with every repition of the exercise movement, providing a soothing spinal massage to loosen tight/bound-up muscles. It works wonders on the knots in your back. Everyone raves about it.




#10. It's Great Looking...

As you can see, the BODY-ALINE blends beautifully with the look of any home, office, or home gym (photo on right is from an actual customer).





"We could easily provide 20 more reasons why you should choose the BODY-ALINE for your posture. But, for brevity's sake, we have limited the list to 10. As you consider these reasons, I encourage you to place particular emphasis on #3: "The Zero-Risk Trial" because so few companies (in any industry) are willing to refund AND pay the return shipping on a 43 lb product if you're not satisfied with it. If the BODY-ALINE wasn't as effective as we say it is, then we, as a company, simply could not afford to make this type of offer. A 43lb box would prove to be very exensive to ship back & forth from too many dissatisfied customers. Think about it."












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