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What are Good Posture Exercise Routines to Teach You How to Straighten Your Spine?

When researching youtube to answer the question of what are good posture exercise routines to to teach you how to straighten the spine? I stumbled across this video which was, incidentally, the first one to appear in the search – and it happens to be a BODY-ALINE video! Even though the title of this video states what are good posture exercise routines are for correcting scoliosis & hunched shoulders in the elderly, practically anyone can follow the BODY-ALINE routine. In this video we describe how the BODY-ALINE offer is superior to every other posture enhancing product in the world.

Why Good Posture Helps Standing & Walking:

Deborah makes several good points in this videos. Specifically that your body was meant to function in good body alignment and when you have bad posture you may not be symptomatic right away. Then, all of a sudden, you’ll start to experience sudden neck pain or shoulder pain and, although the pain can be agonizing, it could be caused by something as simple as misaligned posture. Then she goes on to explain the anatomy of good posture referencing the importance of the position of the pelvis to good posture, and also the idea that all the body’s anatomy is mechanically interconnected. Therefore, a postural imbalance in one area can lead to imbalances in other areas of the body and creates unnecessary stress points when standing and/or walking. This is why good posture helps while standing and walking. The only part I disagree with is that she emphasizes ab strengthening to be part of a good posture exercise routine. Strength in the abs is always good, but I would strive for balance between the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles before making an effort to exercise the ab region for better posture. Usually, to achieve balance, the lower back muscles need to be strengthened first and for awhile BEFORE focusing on strengthening the stomach region for improved posture. Ultimately, she is right, after achieving balance with posture exercise routines. Then good posture should become a conscious habit, without having body parts cocked or leaning left to right in any direction. Overall, her explanation as to why good posture is helpful whether you're standing and walking is excellent.

Posture Workout with Exercise Band & Tips for Upper Back Posture:

First of all, I have to give the woman in this video an amazing amount of credit for her enthusiasm and incredible fitness. She has a contagious energy and is obviously very enthusiastic about her posture workout with an exercise band. The band exercises she shows for posture can be effective for strengthening the muscles behind the shoulder joints and the good posture muscles on and in between the shoulder blades, so this is certainly a workout that helps posture. However, there are no band exercises offered to strengthen the lower back, which is also integral for good posture; and, in spite of the title, I didn't hear any specific posture/spine tips.

Posture Mistakes (The real cause of bad posture)

Overall, I really like the perspective she brings to body posture correction. She believes, and rightfully so, that NOT all posture development exercises are created the same or are NOT a ‘one size fits all’ type of deal. Posture improving exercises should be tailored to the specific type of muscle misalignment/imbalance a person (you) exhibit. In other words, aerobics classes make well for some to have and maintain good posture, while specific posture exercises classes make work better for those with less postural symmetry. Here are some of the main highlights of her presentation:

- A (basic) functional approach works really well for posture for someone who already has perfect symmetry (but not everyone has perfect postural symmetry).

- She has a fellowship in the Clinical Biomechanics of Posture

- A really important mistake people make when correcting their posture is that they (people) do not know the real cause. You have to know the real cause before you can do anything about it.

- She also offers a free Ebook on her website that details the mistakes people make when correcting their posture


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