Good Standing Posture - Why It's Important.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit to having good posture is appearing taller.

- Robert Gearhart Jr. RN, BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor





Stand Taller. Stand Prouder.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit to having good standing posture is becoming taller. Although your height is determined mostly by genes, poor posture can significantly reduce your height.

Have you wondered, especially as a child, why elderly people seem to wear their pants high? It's not a lack of fashion sense.

It's actually because they are shrinking from a curved spine/poor posture and haven't bought new pants to accommodate their newfound height.

Outside of posture, intrinsically we all know the value of having good standing posture and being taller but now there is groundbreaking new research that scientifically proves this:

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index daily poll of the US population, taller people live better lives, at least on average. They evaluate their lives more favorably, and they are more likely to report a range of positive emotions such as enjoyment and happiness. They are also less likely to report a range of negative experiences, like sadness, and physical pain, though they are more likely to experience stress and anger, and if they are women, to worry.

These findings cannot be attributed to different demographic or ethnic characteristics of taller people, but are almost entirely explained by the positive association between height and both income and education, both of which are positively linked to better lives.
- National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc

These are pretty startling findings when you consider that height is out of everyone's control. It makes sense to optimize what you have. The BODY-ALINE will assure you good standing posture and optimal height for the rest of your life. Shrinking as we age is NOT a fact of life and is entirely preventable by improving your posture.

Robert Gearhart JR., Co-inventor of the BODY-ALINE







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