Use Proper Computer Posture for More Energy.


Your body works much more efficiently in proper postural alignment. The better your alignment and posture, the more energy you are going to have.

- Danille Parker, D.P.T. Marquette University




Increase Your Productivity with Good Posture!

Proper computer posture means your bones are properly aligned which also means your muscles, joints and ligaments can work as nature intended. If your vital organs are in the right position they can function at peak efficiency. Proper computer posture helps contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system & practically every other system in the body. Don't underestimate the power of posture.

Without proper computer posture, your overall health and total efficiency may be compromised because the long-term effects of poor posture can affect bodily systems (such as digestion, elimination, breathing, muscles, joints and ligaments). A person who has poor posture may often be tired or unable to work efficiently or move properly.

When you improve your posture you will noticed increased energy levels. This is partially due to the increased airflow moving through the body. Good posture has been proven to increase air flow in the lungs by as much as 30%. Also, when the body is in the natural good posture stance, which means the muscles will not be quite as stressed, they are less likely to feel as fatigued.

It can also have a dramatic impact on the way you feel about yourself which can positively effect energy levels. When people hold themselves proper computer posture, rather than a slumped one, they send signals to their brain that makes them feel happier and more confident. It’ll also change the way that people see you – you’ll appear more confident and assertive too which will also energize you. When you have proper posture you look good. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you have more energy and you become a better worker. Try it and see. Straighten up and have good posture right now in your chair and I'll bet you feel better.

Understand, poor posture is not a normal body position. So many get into the bad habit that it becomes ‘normal’ at some point. By improving your posture you'll enable your body to relearn exactly what good posture means again and allow it to function at the highest level.

Jason Bowman, Co-inventor of the BODY-ALINE






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