"More than 80% of neck & back problems are a result of tight, achy muscles brought on by years of bad posture." - Duke Orthopedics
How can this be true?  Simple biomechanics.
The typical human head weighs about 12 lbs (roughly the weight of a bowling ball).  When the spine is in alignment and the skull is properly centered above the torso (as in good posture) the force from the skull felt by the spine is about 12lbs. - as you would expect.  This is proper biomechanics and how you were meant to function. In the second illustration from the left, notice what happens as the spine begins to curve forward (as in poor posture).  
The 12lbs of force nearly triples to 32lbs!
Why is this?  It's all about leverage. When the head is properly centered over the the spine (as in good posture), the spine is at its most optimal leverage point in supporting the head.  With the head directly over the spine the constant downward tug of gravity is minimized. When poor posture manifests, the head moves forward (off-center) and further away from the center point (mid-line) of the spine.  The spine then loses leverage in supporting the head and thereby has to "work harder" against the increased force just to keep the head upright.   The head is "catching" more gravity like the sails on a sailboat. This creates strain & tension in the joints, muscles & ligaments of the spine as they support the head, which leads to back & neck pain.  
If not corrected, poor posture only gets worse over time.
Notice the illustration on the far right as the head has moved farther forward.  At this degree off-centeredness the force has multiplied to an incredible 42lbs!  Your spine and associated musculature was designed to handle the original 12lbs.  Now, thanks to poor posture, the force has nearly quadrupled! Is there any wonder as to why poor posture is the leading cause of back & neck pain?





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