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CATEGORY: Passive spine training, full or partial spine traction and disc hydration
: Pneumatic or manual spinal manipulation (stretching & traction) machines & devices, and portable spine trainers for posture

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- There are many online user reviews of the Posture Pump proclaiming its effectiveness.

- Easy-to-use & comfortable.

- Offers a mild stretch (decompression) of the upper & lower spine, which can provide a realigning effect on posture.


- Because it only offers stretching, and not strengthening, the effectiveness of this device in re-balancing more 'stubborn' postural muscles may be limited.

- More severe cases of spinal curvature may require more aggressive stretching (traction) than this device can provide.

- Depending on the degree of spinal curvature, stretching sessions can require upwards of 1-2 hours/week to achieve results. This may be more time than most people are willing to commit, which also effects long term dedication.

Why BODY-ALINE is Better for Your Posture:


The Posture Pump provides a nice stretch to help realign the neck and lower back. We recommend it (or any other device that passively stretches the neck & back) to be used in conjunction with the BODY-ALINE.

However, stretching is only part of the good posture equation. Postural muscles have to be stretched AND strengthened to accelerate the realignment process. Stretching alone may not be enough. However, targeted stretching when combined with targeted strengthening is ALWAYS enough, which is what the BODY-ALINE provides. In this respect, the BODY-ALINE offers a more complete posture solution when compared to products, like the Posture Pump, that ONLY offer stretching.

Concerning disc hydration (a benefit the Posture Pump provides); it can be accomplished, of course, by stretching (decompressing) the spine - but that is not the only way. Exercise & movement of the spine also promotes circulation and disc hydration, along with spinal muscular development and massage, which are benefits the BODY-ALINE provides. Drinking more water (in addition to quitting smoking - if you're a smoker) are also very good options for promoting disc hydration. This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better overall posture solution compared to the very best spine trainers, disc rehydrators & traction devices, like the Posture Pump.

As you have read, we recommend spine stretching devices to be used in conjunction with the BODY-ALINE. However, you don’t need to spend lots of money on a spine stretcher. Inside the “10 Back Saving Tips You’ve Never Heard Before” E-book, that you receive free with your order, we provide easy-to-follow instructions showing you how to do a safe & effective neck (cervical) stretch, in your home, with no extra equipment; and we also provide instructions for a safe & effective mid/lower spine stretch that can be done with a $10 piece of equipment (that you can purchase online or at any Walgreens). Using the BODY-ALINE, along with doing the neck & spine stretching exercises provided in the free E-book, are more then enough, and an unbeatable combination, for restoring good posture."

- Jason Bowman, Co-Inventor of the BODY-ALINE



A Personal Review of the Posture Pump Series of Spine Trainers (1000, 2000, 4100 & 6100) from Robert Gearhart JR., Co-inventor of the BODY-ALINE...

"The Posture Pump has merit because it passively stretches the vertebrae of the lower back & neck. However, in most cases, isolated passive stretching of the spine is just not enough to completely reverse all the major muscle imbalances that cause poor posture. The Posture Pump does NOT stretch the chronically tight chest & front-of-shoulder muscles typical of poor posture & rounded shoulders. The BODY-ALINE not only provides targeting stretching of these all-important chest & shoulder posture muscle groups, but it also strengthens the rest of the postural muscles of your upper body for total upper body muscular realignment.

The Posture Pump doesn't strengthen anything.

In order to achieve accelerated results, you must stretch AND strengthen your postural muscles to restore proper alignment - which is a dual function the BODY-ALINE certainly provides (along with spinal massage & disc hydration)."




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