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- Easy-to-use.

- Relatively inexpensive.


- There are lots of negative reviews of The Posture Now strap by customers & industry experts alike.

- Long-term effectiveness of forcing posture muscles into proper alignment via exterior means (fabric) is highly questionable & can, in fact, make posture WORSE when the brace or strap is removed (read below).

- Strap can be unsightly when worn outside of clothes & a source of unwanted attention.

- Wearing strap for long periods can be uncomfortable.




Why BODY-ALINE is Better for Your Posture:


The Posture Now strap improves posture while being worn by forcing your shoulders down & back into proper alignment. However, it doesn't actively retrain or exercise these postural muscles to restore their muscular imbalance.

In fact, the exact same tension the Posture Now applies to your shoulders to draw them rearwards, allows the muscles in between the shoulder blades (rhomboids & mid-trapezius) to relax. Whereas, the BODY-ALINE strengthens these muscles so that YOU draw you can draw your shoulders down & back - without having to wear a brace or strap. When muscles are forced to relax, they become weaker - not stronger, which is why the Posture Now strap is, at best, a short-term solution for fixing posture. Long term, it only makes the already weak posture muscles, that are responsible for your poor posture, become weaker. Not good.

The Posture Now product (and others like it) are just gimmicks meant to capitalize on a customer's quick assertion that these products immediately help posture, with little regard as to the actual long-term negative consequences. Many have asked the question: Do posture braces work? This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better overall posture solution compared to posture support braces, like the "Posture Now".

A Personal Review of the Posture Now Strap from Robert Gearhart JR., Co-inventor of the BODY-ALINE...

"Very rarely am I willing to refer directly to an online review to criticize a competitor's posture product. However, in this case of the Posture Now strap, I believe it's merited. Here's an independent review of the Posture Now strap from an online fitness guru known as the "Angry Trainer":

"I’m a huge fan of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. I love watching entrepreneurs and inventors pitch their products and make life-changing decisions about which offer to accept. And if you’re a follower of the show you’ve probably noticed that the series has featured plenty of health and fitness themed products in recent weeks.

Last week in fact the show featured a product called Posture NOW, which according to the company website “Helps create better posture for everyone.” The sharks liked what they saw – but does the product deliver as promised?

Product Pitch

The makers of Posture NOW claim that their product is based on the premise of muscle memory. Let me explain. Posture NOW is a set of 2 neoprene arms bands that are connected by a strap. When you slip the armbands over your upper arm and place the strap across your back, the system supposedly makes you stand up straighter and in essence re-trains your musculature to retain a better posture.

Apparently by holding your shoulders back for you, the cuffs and strap make the user more aware and conscious of their posture. If you supposedly wear Posture NOW for 30 minutes a day in just a few weeks time, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your posture. In fact as time goes on, you can wear the ‘trainer’ less and less. Plus you can use it anywhere – watching TV, reading the paper or while at your desk at work. And unlike other posture products on the market, which the inventors claim can worsen existing poor posture and do the work for you, Posture NOW will apparently help you look thinner, healthier and sexier and feel more confident.

How much for this revolutionary posture product? About $40 and you’ll be on your way to effortless better posture!

The Angry Trainer Says:

Okay here we go again! Personally I think the Posture Now is yet another posture product that misses the mark with respect to human anatomy.

The way you correct posture is by building and strengthening the musculature of the upper back WITH EXERCISE, by using specific corrective exercises and by releasing tension in the muscles of the chest, front shoulders and abs. This is common knowledge that any reputable trainer, therapist or coach should know. As we grow older, our body will literally pull forward a bit from prolonged periods of sitting and lack of exercise. We start to hunch and change the position of our spine by indirectly weakening the back muscles (lengthen) and strengthening (tighten) the muscles of the front of the body.

It drives me crazy that that the inventors say that other posture products do the work for you and that the Posture NOW just gives you a ‘reminder’ to stand up straighter. That sounds like pure nonsense to me.

The makers claim that you use your own muscles to correct your posture, but you can clearly see in the product demo and pictures that the strap is adjusted in such a way that it’s tight across your upper back in an attempt to help keep your shoulders back. Actually I think if it were worn backwards it would have more benefit! Then you’d be fighting against pulling your shoulders forward and building upper back musculature and strength! It would be like… a strengthening exercise!

I just don’t believe that using Posture NOW will correct anything at all. In fact I think that if there are any noticeable changes while wearing it (which I doubt), once it’s taken off the ‘results’ will also disappear! And truthfully, tell me if I’m wrong here – the product just looks just ridiculous! Seriously people, how lazy are we? What type of message do products of these sort send? Don’t exercise to stand up straight, don’t take responsibility for awareness of your posture, just slip on these straps and stand up straighter? Come on with this nonsense.

Look anytime a product that is supposed to improve your physical fitness or correct an anatomical issue comes with a disclaimer saying “do not wear the PostureNOW posture brace when driving or operating heavy machinery” I think we need to question its validity."

~ Alfonso Morretti "The Angry Trainer"




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