The Advantage of Starting Posture for Children


You can do a lot worse as a parent than to get your children started on the healthy habit of good posture early in life.

- Jason Bowman, BODY-ALINE Inventor



Be Concerned About Posture for Your Children. They'll Thank You For It.

Mothers have been stressing the importance of posture for children by telling them to “Sit up straight!” for many, many generations and for good reason. Is there anything worse than watching a child – in the prime of their young lives - slouching their life away? You see it all the time: overly tall teenage girls stooping forward so they don’t ‘stand-out’ from their shorter friends, overweight video game playing boys who already have a mound forming in their upper back, or kids walking to school looking at the ground the entire time as their forward curving spine counterbalances the weight of their heavy backpacks. There is no doubt that bad posture is an epidemic for young people and modern technology has made matters worse.

Thanks to cell phones, personal computers, I-pads and laptops, lots of children carry around a portable reason to slouch. It’s been estimated the average 12 year old sends/receives 200 texts a day. That’s a lot of lurching the head forward and typing.

Based on personal observation, it’s fair to say that 98% of children do not have good body mechanics while using electronic devices. For that matter, it’s fair to say that 95% of adults don’t use good body mechanics while using electronic devices. But the issue is compounded when the constant habitual misalignment starts at an early age because these are the formative years in terms of body structure and healthy habits. Good posture for children at an early age is extremely important.

Have you ever told an adolescent to “Quit slouching”? They may quit slouching right after you tell them but will most certainly resume slouching when you’re not around. When children have any unhealthy postural habits early, and they’re not corrected, they are bound to continue having them later in life. This is why the rate of lower back pain is increasing in this country and those afflicted are getting younger and younger. It’s strange to hear a 21 year old complaining of back pain – but it happens all the time.

Until the BODY-ALINE, the only options parents had for posture exercises for children were either telling them to “Stand up straight” or convincing them to commit to the posture correction and back strengthening workouts offered in print or video. I say good luck trying to get a rambunctious teen to commit to any type of laborious program of posture exercises for children. They simply do not have the motivation or attention span to donate 45 minutes of their week to exercises for posture.

The BODY-ALINE provides the most simple and effective means to improve posture for children. It’s the only posture corrector on the market that treats the root cause of poor posture (muscle imbalance) in just a few minutes a day. It’s not a vest or embarrassing beeper, as in the I-posture product. Could you imagine what a child’s friends would say if they were caught wearing a bulky posture vest or beeped every time they slouched?

The BODY-ALINE combines three highly effective posture-improving exercises for children into one easy motion that causes them to stand-up straighter after every use. This immediate gratification, with correct posture that can be seen and felt right away, is important to keep a young person doing the exercise and dedicated. The BODY-ALINE is the most obvious and effective solution for correcting posture for children.

- Jason Bowman, BODY-ALINE Inventor






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