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- Can be very effective in the short term.

- Relatively inexpensive.

- Extremely easy to use.


- There are lots of negative online customer reviews spanning a large cross-section of different types, styles & brands of posture braces.

- Can be sweaty & uncomfortable.

- Can be unsightly underneath clothing.

- The extra support provided by the taught fabric actually weakens certain postural muscles (explanation below).



I discussed your question about wearing a back (posture) brace to correct your posture with Theresa Cisler, D.O., an osteopath who practices in Tucson (AZ). She said that she wouldn't recommend using a brace because it would weaken muscles rather than improve your posture. Instead, she advised exercise as the best approach.

- Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., Author of 10 books, Has appeared twice on the cover of 'TIME' magazine (



Why BODY-ALINE is Better for Your Posture:


Posture braces can be very effective short term fixes for poor posture because the taught fabric applies tension to areas on your torso that forces your shoulders to go down and back, and toward the middle of your spine. This mechanical action draws (tilts) your head up and moves your upper spine rearward to restore the natural S-curve. The immediate realigning effect of a posture brace (or vest, shirt, girdle, bra, etc) can be quite dramatic, and works like invisible hands grabbing your shoulders and pulling them rearward.

However, the exact same mechanism utilized by posture braces to draw your shoulders down and back is also their downfall. Over time, the extra support (tension) provided by the tightened fabric actually weakens certain postural muscle groups because the fabric of the brace is doing the 'work' your postural muscles should be doing. Think about it. If the tightness of the fabric is responsible for pulling your shoulders down & back, then what are your muscles doing? NOTHING. And muscles that do nothing eventually become weaker. As evidenced by what happens when you take the brace off to find that your posture actually feels worse compared to when you started. This means the posture brace must be worn ALL the time to keep you upright because you can't rely on your newly weakened muscles to do it. They won't be strong enough.

The adverse (muscle-weakening) side-effect of posture braces does work out great for companies selling them because it makes you dependent on them. But, it doesn't work out great for YOU & your posture in the long run. Do you really want to be forced into wearing a posture brace all the time anyway?

Instead of weakening them, the BODY-ALINE stretches AND strengthens postural muscles to permanently restore their balance. Therefore, it is a far more permanent & sensible solution for posture; and lot less sweaty, ugly & uncomfortable. Many have asked the questions: "Do posture braces work?" and "Are posture braces effective?" This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better overall posture solution compared to even the best posture corrective braces.

The problem with traditional posture braces is that they do the work for you. The passive nature of having one's shoulders pulled back serves to weaken the back muscles, which actually worsens one's posture over time, thus defeating the very purpose of using a posture correction brace.

- Matt Franklin, Developer of "Automatic Posture” (an online posture and ergonomics course)



A Personal Review of Posture Braces & Supports from Robert Gearhart JR., Co-Inventor of the BODY-ALINE...

"Posture braces can be very deceiving. Upon initial impression, the premise of these products seems sound: wear the posture brace and your posture immediately improves - and it will. However, are you are looking for a short or long term solution?

In the short term, when posture braces are worn intermittently, like, say, to a dinner party, they serve their purpose. However, in the long term, if you're looking for permanent posture correction, buying a posture brace will do more harm than good because it's actually weakening some very crucial posture muscles. The effect is very similar to how muscles atrophy while wearing a cast. What happens after you take the cast off? Your muscles feel like Jello. You don't want certain posture muscles to ever feel like Jello. But, if you insist on buying some type of posture brace, wear it NO more than once a week. It may sound harsh but, ultimately, posture braces (along with vests, shirts, belts, girdles and straps) are just gimmicks meant to capitalize on a customer's) quick assertion that these items will immediately help posture, and they will be impulsively purchased with little regard as to the actual long-term negative consequences. This is definitely one occasion where the quick fix (a patch job - so to speak) is NOT the best solution."



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