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- Can be very effective for temporarily correcting posture.

- Provides an immediate natural breast lift

- Relatively inexpensive.


- A fair amount of poor online reviews of posture bras.

- Can be mildly uncomfortable.

- The extra support actually weakens postural muscles (explanation provided below).

Why BODY-ALINE is Better for Your Posture:


A posture bra is specifically designed to improve the wearer's posture for the purposes of back and/or neck pain relief and/or to provide a lift for the breasts. Compared to a “normal” bra, a posture bra works by applying reinforced straps across your back that provide tension to mechanically force (draw) the shoulders down & back. This is called retraction.

Generally speaking, posture bras can be effective short term fixes for poor posture because the constriction provided by the fabric, between the shoulder blades and across the front of the shoulders, serves to force the user's shoulder blades down & toward the body's mid-line (spine). The mechanical realignment of the shoulders helps restore the natural curve in the upper spine while, correspondingly, providing a lift for the breastline.

The biomechanical functioning of posture bras is effective, as there is no doubt the bras realign posture while being worn. However, the exact same mechanism that makes posture bras effective... is also their downfall. Overtime, the extra support (constriction) applied by the posture bra to the muscles in-between the shoulders does the 'work' these postural muscles (mid & upper trapezius) 'should' be doing to naturally draw the shoulders back. As a result, the mid-back muscles become weaker over time because, in essence, they are being forced to rest by the contraction of the posture bra's fabric.

The effect posture bras have on the mid-back muscles is similar to what happens to muscles when a cast or brace is worn for a long period of time, and then taken off. The muscles surrounded by the cast are forced into inactivity by the compression of the brace/cast and gradually lose their strength (atrophy). When the particular posture muscles affected by the constant constriction of the posture bra become weaker over time - and not stronger - the muscle imbalance that contributed to the poor posture in the first place is now compounded.

Because of the detrimental effect that posture bras have on postural musculature, it forces one to become reliant on posture bras in order to consistently achieve good posture, which invalidates posture correction bras as a good long term solution. They should ONLY be considered short term fixes for posture correction at best. The BODY-ALINE strengthens these particular postural muscles, as opposed to weakening them, which makes it a far more sensible, safer and more natural long-term solution. Many have asked the questions: "Do posture bras work?" and "Are posture bras effective?" This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better overall posture solution compared to even the best posture support bras & medical posture bras.



The problem is that posture bras are really only a reinforced “normal” bra. They certainly have more supportive straps and can be effective for larger chested women, but are not good at correcting posture.One of the essentials of posture correction is that key muscle groups are strengthened and kept flexible. Posture bras are not effective at doing this."




A Personal Review of Posture Bras from Robert Gearhart JR., Co-Inventor of the BODY-ALINE...

"Posture bras & shapewear worn around the shoulders specifically to improve posture can be very misleading. Upon initial impression, the premise of posture bras and body-shaping garments seems logical: Simply wear the posture bra or garment underneath your clothes and your posture will immediately improve - and it will. However, you must ask yourself the following question: Are you are looking for a long-term or short-term posture correction solution?

In the short term, when posture bras are worn every once in awhile to, say, a photo op, they serve their purpose. However, in the long term, if you're looking for permanent posture correction, buying a posture bra does more harm than good because it's actually weakening some very crucial posture muscles. When these muscles are weakened instead of strengthened, it forces you to become reliant on the compression provided by the posture bra to draw your shoulders down & back. This means you pretty much have to commit to wearing a posture bra ALL THE TIME in order to experience good posture. This predicament is similar to having to constantly hold a wobbly nightstand in place with your hand, compared to just evening up the legs of the nightstand to elminate the wobble. The BODY-ALINE "evens" or balances your postural muscles to eliminate the wobble (misalignment), which is a far more permananent solution. If you think you need to buy a posture bra, then wear it NO more than once a week to avoid muscle deconditioning. Obviously, the BODY-ALINE is a far better choice for posture because it permanently reconditions your muscles in a beneficial way."



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