Postural Control Prevents Injury


If everyone had good posture there would be no need for message therapists.

- Rose Chaplin, C.M.T.



Constant Nagging Aches & Pains? Get Your Posture Under Control First.

Body mechanics refers to the way we move our body during every day activities & is something everyone should know, understand and put into use. Good body mechanics, as in postural control, involves moving & positioning our body in such a way as to promote healing & to prevent injuries. Good postural control is the foundation for this.

To work properly, good postural control needs to be practiced everyday during all activities including working, resting, and exercise. By being aware of body mechanics and practicing good posture we can reduce stress and strain and protect us from pain and injury, especially to all the major joints of the body.

Improving posture protects us from injury by aligning body segments to each other. By standing straight, the main parts of our body (head, chest, and pelvis) are properly aligned and good balance. This reduces fatigue and prevents strain on the spine which in turn enables us to maximize our body strength and make lifting, transferring, and moving objects easier.

If your joints are out of alignment and forced to do extra work, above and beyond sitting and standing, those joints are at a incredible mechanical disadvantage and prone to mechanical breakdown. This is why, when you have poor posture, often times a simple twist (ie starting the lawnmower) can put your back of commission.

Poor posture is also a major cause of chronic pain to joints other than the back and neck because of the chain link nature of body mechanics.

For example, your spine is then rounded forward, then your shoulders are slouched forward, which then causes the bottom of your hips to thrust forward because your hips are counterbalancing the forward spine. When the bottom of the hips thrust forward, your knee joints become misaligned. Often times the feet of people with poor posture will point outward because they are compensating for the forward thrust of the bottom of the hips.

If your toes are pointing out that means your knee joints are misaligned as well. The knee, a hing joint , was meant to function in a "straight ahead" manner. When the knee is chronically rotated, the hinge starts rubbing on places where it wasn't meant to rub and becomes inflamed and irritated. If not corrected, you will start losing the integrity of connective tissue. The knee is a great example of a joint that is located far away from the spine, yet incurs chronic pain from poor posture.

The chain link principle of poor posture apply to most major joints (ankles, shoulders, etc) because everything is connected. This is why improving your posture control is integral to preventing injury especially if you are an active person.

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