Perfect Posture Helps Fibromyalgia


Postural stress causes pain, and sets the stage for many of the symptoms and complicating factors that contribute to fibromyalgia syndrome.

- Dr. Brad Shook



Got Fibromyalgia?

Posture Correction Should an Integral Part of Your Treatment.

Have you seen, or do you know someone with much less than perfect posture?

You know, when you look at someone from the side and their head is sticking out in front of their shoulders. Did you know that less than perfect posture is one of the most common perpetuating factors of fibromyalgia? This type of posture is measurable on x-ray, and clearly visable when looking at someones posture from the side.

Do you have any ideas why this type of posture makes you more likely to have fibromyalgia? Well, when your head is over your shoulder, your head is balanced on your spine. When your head is in a forward position in front of your shoulder it places excessive strain on the muscles of your neck. This causes the rest of your body’s posture to shift and compensate for the weight of your head. The change in the position of your head compresses the joints of your spine, chronically fatigues the muscles of your neck, creates trigger points, causes abnormal wear and tear your spinal discs, affects your lung capacity, and affects the blood supply to your head.

Forward head posture also makes it more likely that you will fracture your neck in a car crash where you sustain a whiplash injury. If your head is forward when you sustain an injury, it loses its ability to absorb the shock of impact.

There is no doubt that forward head posture causes excessive stress and strain on your body. These are forces that fatigue, wear down and stress your nerves, muscles, connective tissues and joints. Over time this postural stress causes pain, and sets the stage for many of the symptoms and complicating factors that contribute to fibromyalgia syndrome.

It is important to note that fibromyalgia is not a muscle problem, but a problem with how the brain interprets pain signals. Forward head posture has been shown to contribute to the development of fibromyalgia. Thusly, having perfect posture helps prevent fibromyalgia.

- Dr. Brad Shook






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