Removable Tension Bands:

Provide adjustable resistance for rearward arm rotation.

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The BODY-ALINE is one of the best designed and well-constructed health equipment innovations I've seen in a very long time.

- Paul Berman, Owner of T2 Design (Appeared on 'American Inventor' Reality Show)



1. Place both feet flat on floor & hands affixed in palms-up position only.

2. Then simultaneously lean back into foam roller & rotate arms rearward.

3. Continue leaning backwards & rotate arms until machine comfortably stops you.

4. Finish the movement with shoulders rolled down & back, chest-out, and chin-up.

5. Pause. Then slowly lean forward to start position, then start exercise movement again - in a slow & controlled manner.

6. Perform 15-20 repetitions for maximum effectiveness.

7. Rest.

8. You may repeat above sequence 1-2 more times for accelerated results.

9. Make tension & size adjustments when necessary.


Use the BODY-ALINE total posture solution by repeating the the above exercise movement 15 to 20 times (these are called 'repetitions'). Once you complete 15-20 repetitions (which is is called 'set'), then stop. Perform one set (of 15 -20 repetitions) every other day for the first 2 weeks. Then you may use the BODY-ALINE as often as you wish, which means up to everyday & multiple times a day. Some eager customers have reported using it up to 6x/day to acheive accelerated results. As long as you're not experiencing any abnormal pain or soreness, and it makes you feel good, stronger & taller, then, by all means, do it!



Tension for the back extension portion of the BODY-ALINE exercise movement is adjusted by rotating the knob in front of the machine (as shown). There is a heavy duty compression spring housed underneath the seat. When the knob is turned, it compresses/decompresses the spring. The knob can be turned quite easily to provide from 0 to 200 lbs of tension to exercise the lower back muscles. Strengthening these muscles helps realign posture & provides additional support for the spine, which aids in reducing back pain & preventing back injuries.



The tension for the rearward arm rotation portion of the BODY-ALINE exercise movement exercises the muscles of the middle& upper back, and rears of the shoulders. It can be adjusted by adding or removing the tension bands (as shown). The tension bands provide anywhere from 2.5 to 10lbs of tension. Strengthening these muscle groups is integral to postural realignment. A secondary function of the rearward arm rotation is to stretch the chest and front of shoulders, which is also integral to achieving postural realignment.



The machine height can be adjusted to accomodate the height of users by loosening a knob and sliding the arm assembly up or down along the ‘spine’ or vertical lever of the machine (as shown). Taller users will adjust the arm assembly higher, while shorter users will set the arm assembly lower along the vertical lever (spine). The BODY-ALINE easily adjusts to comfortabley fit heights ranging from 4’9” to 6’6”.



The length of the machine arms can be easily set to accommodate different user arm lengths. This is done by pulling the arm pin up & out, then sliding the telescoping front section of the machine arms either forward or backward (depending on the arm length of the user), then reinserting the arm pin (as shown). Users with longer-arms will set the machine arm lengths to longer settings, while users with shorter arms will set the machine arm lengths to shorter settings.



The BODY-ALINE positions a foam back roller that travels (rolls) along the spine of the user as each repitition of the exercise motion is performed. This contoured foam roller provides a soothing massage to the muscles that run vertically along each side of the spine (spinal erectors). Often times, these muscles are prone to misalignment and, subsequently, knotting & binding (especially at the most abnormal angles of curvature). Applying a roller massage to the spinal erector muscles that run along each side of the spine is a proven back pain relief modality.



Comprised of heavy gauge tubular steel, over-sized nuts & bolts, self-lubricating bushings, tear-resistant foam, and high grade nylon & rubber components, the BODY-ALINE is engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial gym use and over-engineered for personal (home) use. One machine will assure you and yours a lifetime of strong back muscles & great posture.



Hi Body-Aline, I purchased a Body-Aline on 2/29/12 and just love it.

-Clay Belcher (Madison, SD)




"As you can see, the BODY-ALINE is fully adjustable to accommodate all different shapes, sizes and strength levels; and it's incredible easy to use, which makes it tailor made for children with poor posture. It ONLY does one motion, which is all it needs. You don't have to lie on the floor, change clothes, or exert yourself. Just have a seat, lean back, rotate your arms & let the smooth, easy, motion guide you to a stronger back & perfect posture in no time. You & yours WILL, quite literally, stand-up taller & straighter after every use. If not, we'll gladly honor your return & thank you for trying it."

~Robert Gearhart Jr., RN (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)







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