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CATEGORY: Electronic Posture Trainers, Posture Monitors & Reminders, Posture Gadgets, Posture Devices/Aids Placed on Clothing

TYPES: Posture Monitors that Use Audio or Vibration as Alerts - some include Postures Apps; Clip-on BioFeedback Posture Training Devices with Warning Reminders; Various Wearable Sitting Pose Posture Correctors with Alarms; Back Posture Monitors Placed on Clothing - with or without Straps; and Various Posture Apps for Cell Phones (Stand Alone)

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- There are lots of favorable buyer reviews of the I-Posture monitor online (and some unfavorable).

- Easy-to-use.


- Can be embarrassing in public.

- Needs to be worn all the time for maximum effectiveness.

- Calibration can be a hassle.

- Pretty expensive for what it does.

- Their website does not appear to offer a risk free trial.

Why BODY-ALINE is Better for Your Posture:


The I-Posture beeper certainly has the ability to improve your posture while being worn, but it does not incorporate the targeted stretching & strengthening posture exercises that are necessary to permanently rebalance your muscles. If you are considering buying an I-posture, you need to ask yourself:

Which of the following is a better, more practical, option for correcting your posture?

OPTION #1: Permanently rebalancing your muscles with targeted exercise?


OPTION #2: Relying on an external biofeedback mechanism that needs to be worn all the time for maximum effectiveness?

Or, think of it another way, would you rather balance a wobbly nightstand by constantly holding it in place -or- by making the legs even? The choice should be obvious. Wearing posture reminders, alarms & alert-type gadgets is akin to constantly holding your nightstand in place, whereas rebalancing your posture muscles is similar to "evening up" the length of the legs to permanently balance the table. The BODY-ALINE permanently retrains your postural muscles into perfect balance every time you use it, which makes it the ideal solution for permanently fixing your posture. This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better overall posture solution compared to even the best back posture monitor devices, like I-Posture.

A Personal Review of I-Posture (Posture Monitor) from Robert Gearhart JR., Co-inventor of the BODY-ALINE...

"In theory the I-Posture monitor/reminder makes sense as long as you're willing to be subjected to the annoying beeps in public. But that's why it works right? Because no one wants the embarrassment of others looking at you & wondering why you're beeping. Depending on how trainable you are, most people eventually fall back into their old bad posture habits when the beeper's not around to correct them. A more substantive & sensible approach to better posture is to retrain your body, from the inside out, by realigning your postural muscles - not just your mind. The I-Posture Beeper is a cleverly marketed gimmick aimed to train you like one of Pavlov's dogs. The BODY-ALINE is based on solid science that achieves permanent results."




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