What Desk Posture Says About You...


Often times, the quality of your posture is the very first thing people notice about you.

- Jason Bowman, BODY-ALINE Inventor




When a young actor/actress has to portray a much older person the very first thing they focus on changing about themselves to portray the character is posture. Think about it. What kind of posture does an old person have? Slumped shoulders, rounded back, forward head, etc. Often times an old person’s posture is so bad it affects their gate. So not only do they look like an old person - they also walk like an old person and have bad desk posture. Also, a forward spine will shrink the length of the torso, which makes the hips appear higher than normal (this is why older folks with bad posture seem to wear their pants really high). Often times, the quality of someone’s posture, either consciously or subconsciously, is the first thing to be noticed and can be seen from across a room.

Compare the image in your mind of an old person’s posture to that of a younger person’s healthy posture. The head is held high, with chest out and shoulders back. The walking gait is lengthy and purposeful. There’s no mystery as to why military recruitment TV ads ALWAYS show military men and women with flawless posture. It conveys a sense of confidence, courage and strength.

Now think about the quality of your desk posture at work. Be honest with yourself. Do you feel yourself slouching? Do you slump at your desk? What must others think about that? Do you tend to trod along when you walk, as opposed to doing it with purpose? If you hesitated while answering these questions about yourself then the answer is probably yes.

Your posture can speak volumes about you, without you having to say a word. Now, thanks to the BODY-ALINE, posture correction has never been easier. When you can improve your posture in just minutes a day without really having to now ‘how’ to correct your posture, there really is no reason not to.

- Jason Bowman, BODY-ALINE Inventor






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