What's Your Posture?



Gravity Wins!






Once your posture starts creeping forward, it continues onward unless you stop it.

It may even form into a Dowager's Hump!





Don't think this can happen to you?

Neither did she --->

The time to start correcting YOUR posture was yesterday...

If this poor woman could somehow turn back the clock & prevent that hump from happening in just a few minutes a day, she would. But, now it's too late. Showing her images is not just another advertising scare tactic. It's reality. Once something starts bending under the weight of gravity, it will continue to bend until you straighten it. Accordingly, your spine will continue to round forward until it's realigned. Consistent use of the BODY-ALINE assures that your spine will ALWAYS be going in the right direction.


Feel a mound forming at the base of your neck?



Poor posture doesn't just look bad, it can also be painful...



Did You Know?



#1. Perfect posture instantly makes you look younger, more energetic, stronger, confident and, most importantly, perkier.



#2. Poor posture is the leading cause of chronic back & neck pain.

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#3. Posture correction significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis related spinal fractures.

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#4. When your shoulders are rolled forward, your hips rotate outward to counterbalance. This flattens your rear, giving you a "Pancake Butt".


#5. The severity of many common health problems increases, as the quality of your posture decreases.

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#6. Holding a "power posture" for as little as 2 minutes can decrease cortisol (the stress hormone) by 25%.

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#7. Walking with a slouched posture can lead directly to feelings of depression & decreased energy.

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#8. It's been measured, good posture makes you feel better about yourself.

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#9. Good posture helps you live longer too!

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"There you have it. There is no doubt that good posture enhances your overall health & appearance. In fact, for the minimal amount of time & effort that's now required to fix your posture, the BODY-ALINE could be one of the most cost & time effective investments you'll ever make for your health & wellness. Think about it. What other health product gives you this much bang for your buck?"

~Robert Gearhart Jr., RN (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)








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