Good Computer Posture Prevents Carpal Tunnel


Good posture is extremely important in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly for typists and computer users.

- University of Maryland Medical Center




Have Good Posture at the Computer to STOP Carpal Tunnel Syndrome BEFORE it starts.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can definitely be caused by posture. If your computer posture is poor or you have "forward head posture," that can create symptoms in your hand, arm and wrist.

"Syndromes" are a collection of symptoms which are your complaints: nervy discomfort like numbness or tingling or pain. Symptoms are always caused by something - poor posture can be the cause.

How does your poor computer posture cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

1. When the muscles in the front of your body have shortened, they pull your shoulders and head forward. When your shoulders are rounded forward, there can be pressure on the nerves that come from your neck into your arm. Pressure on those nerves causes nervy sensations.

2. When the muscles of your weak back are overstretched, those muscles can get "trigger points." Trigger points send pain into your hand, arm and wrist.

3. The muscles in your neck (scalene muscles) can also develop trigger points that cause hand, wrist and arm pain. The scalene muscles are a very common cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is very often overlooked.

But there is good news! Your body wants to be well and it can heal! It just needs a little help from you. You can improve your computer posture and relieve your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

- Kathryn Merrow, "The Pain Relief Coach"






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