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 - There are a lot of favorable online customer reviews of Ameribag bags proclaiming their effectiveness. They appear to work for reducing back & neck pain, and easing the burden of carrying a heavy bag

- There are also many favorable online customer reviews of other brands, styles & types of ergonomically designed carry bags meant to improve posture while being used.

- In most cases, there is a definite ergonomic/health advantage derived from using ergo/posture bags compared to traditional bags.


- Some could be considered expensive.

- May not have quite the selection of styles, applications & colors compared to traditional non-posture bags.


Why BODY-ALINE is Better for Your Posture:


Compared to conventional bags, handbags, purses, luggage, backpacks & baby-carrier type bags that have NOT been designed with proper bio-mechanics in mind, ergonomically designed bags have proven to be far superior for posture. So, by all means, if you consistently have to carry a bag of any kind, then buy an ergonomic bag that suits your purpose.

But what happens to your posture when you’re not carrying or toting your ergonomic bag?

The BODY-ALINE assures you perfect posture at all times by permanently rebalancing your postural muscles through targeted stretching and strengthening exercises. Bags don't offer this. With that being said, the Ameribag (and other bags just like them) may make a fine supplement to the BODY-ALINE but they're NOT the solution for permanently correcting the muscle imbalances that cause poor posture.

A combination approach of consistently using your BODY-ALINE, plus consistently using these types of ergo bags is best. Many have asked the questions: Do ergonomic bags work? or "Are ergo bags effective?" This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better overall posture solution compared to even the best ergonomic bags, handbags, luggage & backpacks, like Ameribags.

A Personal Review of Ameribags Ergo Bags for Posture from Robert Gearhart JR., Co-Inventor of the BODY-ALINE...

"I’ve tried the demo of an Ameri-bag at a store once & became totally convinced of its usefulness. There is no doubt it helps improve posture while being worn & definitely feels more comfortable compared to traditional bags. However, ergo bags are NOT posture correction products. They are temporary posture enhancing products that certainly have value as a nice supplement to the BODY-ALINE. But, due to their expense, if it comes down to buying an ergonomic bag or the BODY-ALINE, I would invest in the BODY-ALINE first. It's a far superior long-term & permanent solution for posture, but feel free to get both if you can afford it."




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