Strengthens Your Back & Aligns Posture in 1 Easy Motion!




Reverse Your Slouch!

The BODY-ALINE retrains your postural muscles to go in the exact OPPOSITE direction of your slouch. It corrects the muscle imbalance that causes poor posture in just minutes a day, without requiring you get on the floor, break a sweat, wear a brace, or be embarassed by posture buzzers & beepers.





    • Realigns Posture
    • Strengthens Back Muscles
    • Roller Massages the Spine
    • Starts Working Immediately
    • Requires Only 1-2 minutes/day
    • Relieves Back, Neck & Joint Pain
    • Minimizes Progression of Scoliosis
    • Prevents Hunchback (Dowager's Hump)



Why It's Better Than Vests, Braces, Beepers & DVDs for Posture:


"The ONLY way to permanently restore good posture is by rebalancing your postural muscles with highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises. The BODY-ALINE combines 4 proven posture correction exercises into 1 simple motion. Posture vests, braces & beepers don't exercise any muscles. That's why when you quit using them, your bad posture just comes back. The posture exercises offered in dvds, books & Youtube videos do work but why get on the floor & sweat for 45-60 minutes/week when a machine can guide you through them in a fraction of the time?"

- Robert Gearhart Jr., RN (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)


You'll Stand-Up Taller Straighter Everytime. Guaranteed!




Tired of Being a Sloucher?



A Safe, Sensible & Efficient Solution...

SAFE: The BODY-ALINE is safer than posture vests, braces, shirts & straps. Why? Because the tight-fitting fabric of these devices forces your shoulders down & back. This constant constriction also causes the muscles between your shoulders to become WEAKER over time - not stronger. Therefore, once you remove the constriction, your shoulders can actually roll farther forward compared to when you started. This makes you reliant on wearing these devices ALL the time. Who want's to do that?

SENSIBLE: The BODY-ALINE is a far more sensible solution compared to wearing electronic gadgets that beep or vibrate when you slouch. Granted, these posture reminders can be effective. However, wouldn't it make more sense to permanently rebalance your muscles with targeted stretching & strengthening exercises? This way, you don't have to be rely on being 'told' to sit-up straight by an alarm because your posture muscles will automatically be doing it for you - as it should be. Furthermore, there are many online reports stating that posture sensors often beep or vibrate when you're NOT slouching. We strongly encourage you to read the real online reviews of these gadgets BEFORE buying.

EFFICIENT: Books, dvds & online video offer effective targeted exercises to rebalance your posture muscles. However, these programs & routines require LOTS of time. Are you ready to commit 45 to 60 minutes/week to posture exercises? The BODY-ALINE does the job in a fraction of the time. Therefore, it is a far more efficient solution. Posture lumbar supports may be helpful for realigning your spine while sitting, but what about when you're not sitting? The targeted exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE helps reinforce good posture ALL the time.



Fast Results!

The targeted exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE is so effective, you'll stand-up taller & straighter the very first time you use it (and every time after that). We guarantee it. in fact, the BODY-ALINE is the ONLY posture solution in the world with a TRUE risk free trial? Everyone else makes YOU pay return shipping if you’re not satisfied. That’s NOT risk free! If other posture products were nearly as effective as they claim to be, then why don’t they match our ZERO-RISK guarantee? Because they can’t. The BODY-ALINE is the best-guaranteed posture solution in the world for a reason: because it works for most people. There is simply no excuse for having terrible posture anymore. You have to try this machine to believe it. Start your ZERO-RISK 30 day trial today. You've got NOTHING to lose but that slouch!



I have often been frustrated with postural issues. I guess I love your machine so much because I use it & it works for me.

- Dr. Don Schmidt, Ottawa Chiropractic (Ottawa, OH)




Have you tried other posture products?


Did they stretch AND strengthen your muscles in one easy motion?


No wonder you're still slouching!




I am a Wellness Therapist at HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness in Fairview Heights, IL. We have utilized the BodyAline machine for many years and have had great success with using it.

- Kelseigh Boggs, Wellness Therapist at HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness (Fairview Heights, IL)





The ONLY way to permanently correct poor posture is to rebalance postural muscles with highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises. Most posture products don't do this and, among the ones that do, the BODY-ALINE is the ONLY one that does it in one simple motion.The BODY-ALINE restores good posture by training your upper body to go in the exact opposite direction of your slump. This is known as "Mirror Image Muscle Rehabilitation" because your postural muscles are being trained to go in the exact opposite (or mirror image) direction of where you DON'T want them to go. When your posture muscles are realigned, your spine is realigned too, and good posture is achieved!

Years of sitting & slouching may have ruined your posture but, now, thankfully, the condition can be reversed with a guided exercise movement in the exact opposite direction. Notice the finish position in the image below: the head is up, with chest raised, and shoulders back. This is what your body needs to realign itself! Plus, you get a soothing foam roller massage along your spine every time you lean back. Now, you can simultaneously loosen-up the knots in your back, strengthen your back AND restore your spine to proper alignment in one simple motion, when it's convenient for you; without ever having to get on the floor, change clothes, or even break a sweat. Just have a seat, lean back, rotate your arms, and let the targeted exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE do what it was designed to do. That's it!


We spend a lot of time hunched over our patients. So I bought the BODY-ALINE for myself & my staff to promote good posture. It's easy & fun!

- Dr. John Crawford, Crawford Orthodontics (Kenosha, WI)




You'll find the BODY-ALINE is the only posture product in the world that realigns posture muscles in less than 2 minutes/day with one simple exercise motion. Because it's so fast, easy and effective, we're the ONLY company willing to stand behind our posture solution 100% with a true ZERO-RISK trial, in which we pay return shipping if you're not satisfied. No one else dares to match our guarantee - because they can't. We can because our common-sense solution actually works. Granted, it may cost more than most posture products but would you rather waste time, money & energy trying 10 things that don't work, or just one that does? If you're still not convinced the BODY-ALINE is right for you, then ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you/were you slouching while reading this?

2. Are you willing to commit 1-2 minutes/day to have better posture?

3. Do you fully realize the longer you wait to correct your poor posture, the more difficult it will become?

Your responses to these questions should be all the real-life proof you need to be convinced the BODY-ALINE is worth a try today!






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