The World's 1st Back & Posture
Exercise Machine!




"Why get on the floor 45 minutes a week to correct your posture when a machine can do it for you?"

- Jason Bowman,

Better posture has long been considered the ‘Achilles Heel’ of the medical profession because most doctors (not just chiropractors) realize its’ importance but, since the advent of modern medicine, there really hasn’t been an easy way to get get better posture.

For a very long time the only options doctors had when recommending posture correction to their patients were the back strengthening & posture correction floor exercises offered in the McKenzie Program. Doctors would prescribe this set of floor exercises to their patients knowing that 90% of them would not do them long enough to see results. People just don’t like to exercise - plain and simple. This is why back posture & exercises have been an exercise in frustration for most medical professionals who, ironically enough, could often times use posture correction themselves.

The BODY-ALINE is a much faster and more effective replacement for those often-prescribed floor exercises. Now, instead of getting on the floor 45 minutes a week and sweating through a complicated series of exercises to correct posture; bad posture sufferers can sit-down, lean back and rock their way to get better posture in just minutes a day. The BODY-ALINE requires less time than the McKenzie program, it’s infinitely an easier way to get better posture AND results can be seen and felt immediately. Instant gratification further assures that patients stay dedicated to a rehabilitation program. 

Thanks to the BODY-ALINE back exercise machine better posture is no longer the Achilles Heel of the medical profession.

- Jason Bowman, BODY-ALINE Inventor
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